About organization

The autonomous nonprofit organization “Competence center for the information and telecommunication networks” (ANO “CCITN “) is accredited by the Russian Federal Service for accreditation as a certification body for telecommunication equipment (accreditation certificate RA.RU.10ÖÊ03 from 15.06.2015).

ANO “CCIN” conducts work on obligatory certification in accordance with the “Rules for organization and realization of the obligatory confirmation for establishing conformance of telecommunication equipment” (approved by the Russian Federation Government Resolution ¹214 from 13.04.2005) for the following telecommunication equipment:

  • Equipment of transit, terminal and transit/terminal communication points of fixed telecommunication network: telephone exchange (equipment of PSTN);
  • private branch exchange (PBX, PABX, EPABX);
  • equipment of intelligence networks (IN);
  • equipment for telephone exchanges with assistance of operators;
  • equipment for emergency information calls handling;
  • equipment for call centers;
  • equipment for telegraph communication;
  • switching equipment of mobile communication networks;
  • switching equipment of mobile satellite communication networks;
  • equipment for switching and routing data packages;
  • equipment for SDH communication systems;
  • equipment for PDH communication systems;
  • equipment of line link (optical networks, optical wireless networks, CWDM, DWDM);
  • equipment for ATM;
  • equipment for digital TV and radio broadcasting systems;
  • equipment for network synchronization;
  • equipment for management and monitoring systems;
  • billing equipment (billing systems);
  • time charging system;
  • earth satellite communication and broadcasting stations;
  • microwave transmission equipment;
  • base and relay stations of mobile radiotelephone communication;
  • base and relay stations of mobile radio communication;
  • TV and radio broadcasting equipment;
  • base stations and transmitters for mobile communication networks;
  • base stations and transmitters for wireless broadcasting networks (WiFi, WiMAX, GPS);
  • lawful interception equipment
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